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I have no idea why this is so crude, apologies for being so gormless. This is written like a prick by an ill-educated arsehole to be used as a little guide to finding your inner arsehole, my inner arsehole, and others inner arseholes until they’re cumming at you from all angles like a bad porno. You’re going to have to beat yourself up a little bit to stop yourself from being a dildo, but dildon’t, it’s all a journey bromeo - even Margot Robbie has a rectum, so go embrace your inner arsehole. If you feel like you’re the super duty tough work champ of planet earth and are absolutely flawless then this is a good lil learner for you if you're in the direct firing line of an arsehole; a metaphorical nappy as such or the Fisher Price “how to deal with my first arsehole” kit.

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