Quaranti-Mania    |    by Dani

Quaranti-mania     |  BY Dani

I always say when it’s gloomy wear bright colours... 


Or inside your head.  

It’s definitely easier to colour your outfit or day than to colour your mind.  

Most heads are made up of a few jigsaw pieces.  

Then there’s some of us with “Wobbly Heads” that are all different sized puzzles.  

Mostly the pieces don’t perfectly fit together and for the most part they float around all jumbled full of different thoughts.  

Not just happy or sad ones.  

Scary thoughts

Anxious thoughts

Exciting thoughts

Crazy thoughts 

Fun thoughts

Depressing thoughts

Uncertain thoughts

Worrying thoughts 

I mean the list could go on for ever.... 

It’s during times like this I try so hard to keep my head above water. Try to see the colours and not just gray scale. 

I try to look for the sun through the clouds..

Or look for something happy and free that’s going on around me.. 

There is still that little glimmer somewhere, a clap, a gesture, birds chirping, rain drops falling on your window pane. 

It’s truly amazing how lonely, 

lonely can be.  

Isolation is something quite prevalent in many people’s lives on a day to day.  

This is something that needs to change after we reach the other side of this. 

There are so many familiar feelings right now for so many people. 

Anyone who has a “Wobbly head” will understand these feelings, they’re constantly rushing around your head, sometimes so fast they make no sense, sometimes so many thoughts but you feel like your head is full of nothing, sometimes you feel like you are losing your mind and others you feel like a genius or crazy scientist!

It’s like I’m stumbling walking around my head. Trying to write it all down but it never makes much sense.  

You’ve got to stay strong that’s what the voice says in my head. But there are definitely times I feel I’m drowning inside.  

It’s the fear of not knowing.  

The lack of control. 

The disturbing thoughts you are thinking without effort at all. 

Everything is muffled just like when you are standing outside a club or music venue waiting to go in..... it’s so close but sounds..so...so far. 

Somewhere over the Rainbow is one of my favourites I keep thinking of and singing...

“Where troubles melt like lemon drops” 


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