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Noun: Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

I found this video below that basically reiterates all my beliefs on addiction, so I said I'd just post it but then I started spouting on as I always do. I'm definitely not well-enough versed in addiction to be going in to too much depth. Anyway, this short post & video are more so aimed at narrow-minded people that don’t understand addiction and also at the people that don’t realise they’re addicted to something, which includes their phones.

Recovering addicts, you probably don’t need to read; you more than likely know the crack.

In a nutshell, you never see a happy person struggling with addiction.  This is a problem I have with how some of our mental institutions are run. 'Addicts' being treated for their addiction, and the actual source of why these people are addicted is neglected. What trauma or voids in their lives are they trying to fill or escape from?

You need to watch this video before reading further

People that have found their purpose or have a sense of fulfillment; don’t rely on artificial sources of adrenaline, seratonin or dopamine. I’ve never seen a buddhist monk taking ecstasy and dancing to the sound of a washing machine at 9 am, but here’s to hoping.

I'm addicted to a couple of things. I still haven't found my entire purpose on the planet. I'm closer than ever to becoming a fire truck, but I'm not quite there just yet... Until then, addiction is an escape and my addictions come in many forms. I do however know the difference between addiction and recreation. Sometimes I play a game on my phone for 2 hours, sometimes I smash 20 Benson in a day, these are my little escapes. But there is a big difference between loving a few pints and needing a few pints.

It's telling when celebrities and 'successful people' become addicted to artificial highs way too much. They have 'everything' yet they're still chasing a dragon. They still desire fulfillment and still pursue their actual purpose. Their skewed views of success (Money/heroin/fame) rarely fills these voids.

Addiction is vicious, it begins with pain and ends with pain. People not wanting to be on this planet or in this situation, and need a quick escape from some sort of trauma. Whether it be Xanax, Aspartame or Online Gaming. You’ve been isolated, lonely, bored - basically not connecting with people or 'bonding'.

There has been a massive spike in addiction, and types of addiction. People have become disconnected with the world.

Peepholes need to embrace this pain without the millions of variants of 'painkillers' or escape routes; and figure out the healthiest possible coping mechanism for you. Find your natural highs. Bond with people and things, don't bond with objects.

The tricky part is, if your habits have been formed it’s very hard to get away from them. To get away from these many forms of addiction, you need to break habits. The shit part is you may need to change environment, hobbies friends and relationships.

I suppose what I'm asking for is people to become more aware of addiction and understand it. There's a lot of artificial highs out there but as long you don't ever rely on one for your happiness or as a painkiller, you're ok.

If you are struggling or coming to terms with an addiction

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Some Artificial Highs or 'Painkillers':

Likes/Engagement on Social Media
Diet Coke
Lemon Cheesecake
Prescription Drugs
Petits Filous (48 in 24 hours causes days of constipation)

Some Natural Highs:

Bonding (Relationships)
Bondage (Relationships)
Dogs head out car window
Adrenaline (climbing shit etc.)
Creation (building, arts, inventions, reproducing etc.)

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