ZURDIE 𐎘 BPB ꧁Hoodee꧂ AWEAR #10

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This is a limited edition pre-order run from Friday 12/11/21 18:01 until Sunday 14/11/21 23:59.  This is also our last run of 20twennyWun so would really appreciate all your support.





 ̸ ̡ ҉  ALL PROFIT GOES TO TALK TO TOM SUICIDE PREVENTION OBVS  ⃝ ̸ ̡ ҉The tenth tee/hooodee in our Limited Edition AWEAR series and an absolute legend that has come to Ireland's beautiful shores to add plenty of character through authentic letterforms, playful colours and the lulliest characters - of which I'm so delighted we get to sell on BPB, thank you soooo mush Zurds!



Zurdie is a Spanish graffiti writer based in Dublin. More than 15 years painting graffiti developed her skills in cartoon character designs, without forgetting her love for the letters. Check out more of Zurds work here: https://zurdiesshop.bigcartel.com/



If you order two they are sent separately, incredibly it works out cheaper with An Post (je ne sais pas). Some shall be on sale in Marlowe & Co., Dublin 8 and Cool 4 School, Arklow.

These are pre-order so please have a little patience, the printers usually take two weeks and we shall send them instantly. They should be all delivered 29th Nov - 3rd December xx

🕊●⏣7 Screen Print on back

● ✧1 Screen BPB Print on front chest

✧●⏣ Fabric :  100% Good shtuff


Hoodies are unisex and normal-sized.

S 27 38 - 41 33 ½
M 28 42 - 45 34 ½
L 29 46 - 49 35 ½
XL 30 50 - 53 36 ½
2XL 31 54 - 57 37 ½


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