"I BEAT MYSELF UP" 30" Baseball Bat /50 - ASBESTOS x IDLES x BPB -AWEAR #12

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‘I Beat Myself Up’ is a collaboration between Asbestos and Bipolarbear that focuses on mental health and how the person who’s usually the hardest on us, is ourselves. We all beat ourselves up, and Asbestos explores this in a mural at Roskilde Festival, of him wearing a piñata, and holding a baseball bat, about to start beating the piñata off his head. The mural was inspired by IDLES song ‘Television’ and as part of the project we asked Joe Talbot of IDLES to join Asbestos in smashing a sweet filled piñata off his head. Asbestos sat down with Joe afterwards to talk about how he’s beats himself up and how he’s come to terms with loving himself and the power of self acceptance.

As part of the collaboration Asbestos and Bipolarbear have created a series of 50 hand painted wooden 30inch baseball bats, signed and numbered to raise funds for Talk to Tom, the suicide prevention charity 0818 30 30 61. All profits from the bats will go directly to the charity.


Wall mount available here(any questions don't hesitate to shout): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rianpesn-Mount-Vertical-Baseball-Stand/dp/B09XN3SV9V


Use this code if you want to collect the bats/no postage, must be based in Dublin/Wicklow and also be in no rush.


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