ADHD - By you꧁100% Organic🌱♻️꧂ ̡ ҉ ҉ BLACK⚫

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Made by you big byooshephull bears and your wobbly but most definitely deadly headly's! Through insta stories Also with cameo's from real life Claire Prouvost and Asbestos!

There was also a poll for which 68% preferred the back print, I dont so fup off you fupping grassholes - How did Harry Potter get down the hill?.......By Walking........ JK... Rolling - so yeah jokes but the BPB logo on the front contains a miniature version of the drawing so is like a portal to the background, chow mein.

Edit: I printed a couple extra! T-shirts are pre-order (available until 27th March) - therefore will be printed to order and then posted approx 3 weeks after.

IHOLPED is a small discount code if you contributed to the drawing!! Or click this 

🕊●⏣1 Screen Print on Front and Back

✧●⏣ Fabric:  100% Organic Cotton (Cuddly shit)

Made in Dublin, Ireland

Size are unisexy normal, normal normal normal

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